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We at 22 RIVERDALE have created a brand that is surrounded by the joy of self love and the importance of taking the time to learn to be one with yourself. We strive to supply our customers with quality goods at affordable prices while reminding you to take care and keep moving forward.

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My name is Caitlyn, born and raised in New york. I am a business owner, an artist and a creative. I begin working on 22 RIVERDALE January 2018 and officially opened our online store August, 2018. I have always had a love for jewelry and even as a young child I used to make jewelry with my grandmother.​ I never in a million years expected to revisit it as an adult, but of course, everything happens for a reason and life comes full circle. My biggest inspiration for my business was my mother. We are black women with beautiful, thick limbs, and for my mother, dainty jewelry has always been a struggle to find. If you know my mother, you know her style and know that she lives for dainty pieces, and I knew I had to do something so she can be fulfilled finding special pieces for herself. Her issue caused me to find one my first piece I ever sold, and that was my adjustable bracelet. 

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